Meet Our Team

Arshid Bhat

Owner/MD of Kashmir Frostine ALPS Gulmarg
A local boy born at adventurous place Gulmarg, grown in snow mountains having valid experience of rescue and other adventure sports like skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, snowbiking and trekking all around Kashmir and Ladakh giving you a chance to feel the adventure at the edges of Himalayas with 100% safety and security.

Aaqib Bhat

Managing body at Kashmir Frostine ALPS Gulmarg
A boy with speed accuracy and sharpness in all the adventure related sports, provide you the rare access to the most remote places around the Kashmir with very ease and comfort. Giving you an opportunity to experience the adventure at its best.

Burhan War

National Award Winning, Notional player of Snowboarding hails from Tangmarg with well counted experience of 8 years in the respected field. He is one of the best and senior snowboarding guide.

Jahangir Sheikh

A well know local guide, professional trainer of skiing and snowboarding with well counted experience.

Shahid Khan

Boy withSkills n Innovative moves on the edges of mountains. He is a professional snowboarding guide having $ years of experience.

Irfan Lone (PK)

A well know professional Snowbiker and Skier (mountain men) has been in the field of adventure sports from last 5 years. He is also counted in best skiers.

Sheikh Yawar

A person known for his Speed and Snowboarding skills, Certified professional snowboarding guide having 4 years of experience.

Waseem Bhat

Specialized (ATV) off-road expert. A local boy hails from Gulmarg with quality of experience in skiing and other adventure sports like hiking, trekking, camping, etc.

Farooq Ahmad

Providing sailing experience on ATV off- road cars, along with trekking having experience of life saving tracks.

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